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Porta-Kamp | Drill CampWhether here in the US or abroad, whatever your project demands, wherever your project is located, Porta-Kamp’s varied product line offers workable, cost-effective solutions. For more than 50 years, Porta-Kamp has met the challenge of providing complete camps, offices and support items to projects throughout the world.

Founded in 1955 by Floyd Bigelow, “Porta-Kamp” has grown to become the most common name for project housing. Bigelow’s invention and perfection of the “knock-down” building has become the de-facto standard for the industry worldwide. This original concept is only one of the many innovative solutions Porta-Kamp has developed to address building needs across the globe. This continuous development is what maintains Porta-Kamp’s status as a leader in the export housing industry. With projects in over 160 different countries, Porta-Kamp offers a level of assurance and experience that cannot be matched.

After licensing the name and intellectual property for several years the Bigelow Family has again taken control and management of Porta-Kamp and all its products and services. The Bigelow’s Family personal commitment to all clients continues today through the leadership of Floyd Bigelow’s son, Bill Bigelow.

Through the development of new products that stretch the company’s level of expertise, Porta-Kamp is able to meet the constantly changing needs of a worldwide clientele.

Our History


1955 – Porta-Kamp founded by Floyd Bigelow Jr. in Houston.

1958 – Porta-Kamp exported the first pre-manufactured buildings in support of the Geophysical and Drilling industries operating overseas, all but creating the export housing industry. The invention and perfection of the “knock-down” building has since become the defacto standard of the industry.

1981 – Porta-Kamp develops Closed Wall Panelized (PF) Housing Systems.

1984 – Porta-Kamp enters the domestic US Modular Market for classrooms, mobile offices, etc.

1986 – Porta-Kamp is certified as an Industrial Housing Manufacturer by TDL&R.

1992 – Porta-Kamp Construction formed to offer turnkey installation services.

1996 – Porta-Kamp Construction assumes responsibility for all manufacturing of Porta-Kamp products.

2005 – Porta-Kamp name, intellectual properties, and manufacturing facility was licensed to third parties.

2012 – All previous license of the Porta-Kamp name, intellectual properties and the leasing of its’ manufacturing facility to third parties expire. The Bigelow Family regains control and management of Porta-Kamp.

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