Porta-Kamp | Disaster Relief House - PacificDisaster Relief Structures:

When time is critical Porta-Kamp combines rapid response capability, proven designs and experience to quickly provide shelter and support buildings to those in need following a major natural disaster.

Whether here in the USA or overseas Porta-Kamp stands ready to react to provide either temporary housing for responders or permanent solutions for the sufferers. When an entire Pacific community was devastated by a typhoon the US Government called upon Porta-Kamp to provide a long term housing solution.

Porta-Kamp continues to develop new, faster, cheaper rapid response capabilities and is currently working on a new product line to address this specific need.

Porta-Kamp | Relief Worker Unit Porta-Kamp | Relief Worker Unit Porta-Kamp | Relief Worker Conex 1 Porta-Kamp | Relief Worker Conex 1
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