Porta-Kamp | Modular Structure - MobileModular Commercial Structures:
Wheel mounted modular structures, either single unit or multiple units joined together to form larger complexes. Porta-Kamp label manufactures for all the leading leasing companies.

The modular approach provides many benefits; rapid installation and occupancy, predetermined code compliance, flexibility of interior layout allowing for ease of future reconfiguration.

Typically used for : 

Sales Offices & Site Construction Offices

Classrooms & Specialty Buildings

Porta-Kamp | Mobile 3A St Croix Porta-Kamp | Mobile 3A St Croix
Porta-Kamp Modular structure complex

Porta-Kamp | Modular Complex 2nd Story Install

Porta-Kamp Modular Complex Install

Porta-Kamp | Install Clear Span Complex

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