No matter the climate or even the remoteness of location, Porta-Kamp supplies the solution to safe, cost-effective workforce housing and office needs.


Porta-Kamp Arial Base CampIn the arid inferno of the desert, the humid rain forests or the frozen Alaskan tundra, Porta-Kamp has supplied camps in support of their clients, contributing to workforce morale and the successful completion of their projects.

Get the PK Team on board early in your project planning to maximize efficiencies, savings and realize the full benefits of camp provider professionals.



Porta-Kamp_Project CampPorta-Kamp | Project Camp 1 Porta-Kamp Project CampPorta-Kamp | Project Camp 2
Porta-Kamp Project Camp Kitchen Porta-Kamp | Kitchen Porta-Kamp Kitchen Porta-Kamp | Kitchen-LG1
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